Crowd Convergence Social a fantastic polling widget to help display results from real-time voting and is a fantastic tool to capture your audience's opinions.


1. In your CC Social Dashboard, click on the green 'Add Widget' button shown next to "Poll",  give the Widget a name and click "Add".


2. Once the Widget has been added, you will be taken to the Design options. Here you can adjust your poll to suit your needs. As per other Widgets, there are a number of Premade themes to choose from otherwise, click on the 'Options' tab.


There are several options to change so that it can suit to your event's needs  and theme. Options include whether or not to sort the graph by votes, showing the bars in 2D or 3D through to what colour palette to use.


You may choose to upload a background image, video or choose a background colour from the colour selector. 


Similar to the background, you can select to upload either your logo and/or a sponsors logo. 


Options to choose from include font and text colour. You may also choose to add in a Call to action text such as 'SMS your vote to 0412 345 678'. 

Once all your design options have been set, click on Save & Continue.

3. Next is content search, where you add in the keywords and hashtags with which the audience will vote. For example you might run a campaign asking the audience to vote for their Man of the Match with the hashtag #TeamMOTM. 

- Select which social network the audience will vote through (Twitter or Instagram)

- Select hashtag

- Enter your the hashtag/s in the text box and click add

- The search term has now been added 

- Once you have added all your search terms, click 'Continue'

4. Under "Polling", is where you will add your questions, select your voting options and voting triggers. The Crowd Convergence Polling widget has been improved with a couple of new additions. Please click here for more information.      

5. Once you have added your question(s), click on the orange 'Launch Widget' button and your output will be displayed in a new tab on your browser. 


If you have more than one (1) polling question, click here to view more information on how to activate each question. 

For a quick video tutorial, click here.