The Crowd Convergence polling widget has been improved with a two new fantastic additions. On top of the traditional horizontal bar style, you can now engage your audience with a real time animated emoji reflecting how they are feeling as well as a thumbs up/down icon to gain immediate feedback. These new polling options can be found under the 'Polling' tab when you add a question.

1.    Click on ‘Polling’

2.    Click +Question to add a question

3.    Under the Question text box, select one of 3 icons:

  • Bar (traditional horizontal bars)
  • Thumb (thumbs up/down option)
  • Smiley face (emoji face option)

4.    If you have chosen the BAR option, add in the voting triggers one by one and click 'Add Question.

5.    If you have chosen the THUMB or SMILEY FACE option, simply type in your question and click ‘Add Question’.

6.    To view the triggers, click on the edit icon next to each relevant option. 

7.    Depending what time of option you have chosen to poll with, the triggers will differ. For example, if you have chosen to poll with the emoji face, your audience can vote using words, unicode symbols (eg. :-) ) and even the emjoi itself! You may add more or delete irrelevant ones from this window as well. 


Happy Polling!!