API endpoints are subject to rate limiting to ensure consistent performance.


Per Widget

Rate limits are considered on a per Widget basis. Each Widget is rate limited individually and will not effect other Widgets.

15 minute window

Rate limits are divided into 15 minute intervals for GET requests. The number of API tokens and the request limit per token is defined by your account type.

Account type API Tokens Rate limit/token (15 minutes) Total limit (15 minutes)
PRO 1 90 requests per Data Widget 90 requests per Data Widget
AGENCY 2 450 requests per Data Widget 900 requests per Data Widget


You have a PRO account with 2 Data Widgets. Each Data Widget will be individually limited to 90 requests every 15 minutes.

Exceeding rate limits

If you or your application abuses the rate limits you may be unable to get a response from the Crowd Convergence API.

Tips to avoid being rate limited


Store API responses in your application or on your website. Avoid calling the Crowd Convergence API on every page load of your website and instead call the API periodically and load the response into a local cache. As users hit your website load the cached version of the results.