Payment failures occasionally occur when using your credit card to purchase from Crowd Convergence. The most common cause of payment failures are expired/cancelled credit cards, or bank rejections.

Expired/cancelled cards

These failures are simply to fix; just update your credit card on the Billing page and try the purchase again.

Bank rejections

Banks reject card charges for a variety of reasons and unfortunately we don't typically receive detailed information why this has occurred. The only way to find out more information about why a card charge was declined is to ask your bank to confirm the reason for the decline. Banks will (correctly) not give information about this transaction to anyone other than the cardholder so it isn't something we can do on your behalf. Typical reasons are:

  • Not enough funds in the account
  • International payments blocked by default

Contact your bank to explain the failure and ask them to allow future charges from Crowd Convergence. Then try your purchase again.