Crowd Convergence Social has added a fantastic new way for your audience to join in on the conversation!


Whether it be voting for who has the best team mascot to dropping a comment about how fantastic your event is going or to ask a curly question to the CEO during Q&A time on stage, the new CC Joinin Portal gives your attendees a new, web based way to interact.


Prior to your event, we will assist in creating a URL specific to your event Widget(s), which your attendees will use to access the web portal. The URL can direct them to either leaving a question/comment or to vote in a live poll.


The Joinin Portal is fully customisable to suit your event and branding. Design options includes custom text and font, background colour and design through to logos at the header and footer of the page. 


Joinin Portal for question & comments:

Once the portal URL has loaded, the audience member simply enters their name (or left blank for complete anonymity), type in their comment or question and click submit. Simple as that!

Their comment will then appear on your Moderation queue within seconds for your Social operator filter through.

Joinin portal for live polling:

Audience members can vote in confidence and in full anonymity. Once the page has loaded, they can view the live question and the polling options. They just click which option they would like to vote for and it is immediately submitted and recorded. As per SMS polling, the results are updated live.


The Joinin Portal is fully compatible with laptops and all mobile devices. 

If you would like to use the Joinin Portal, please contact us at