The following article only applies to Crowd Convergence Social Agency account holders only. If you would like to become an Agency account holder please contact us at

In addition to the basic Widget design features, Agency account holders have access to the following:

Post size adjustment (Bold)

As an Agency user, you have the flexibility of adjusting the size of the post (image and text together) on display. This is done by adjusting the percentages for the height and width of the post, the lower the percentage, the smaller the post area. 

Please note that you can not adjust the text and image separately. If the percentage is increased, it will apply to both the text and the image together.

Furthermore, you are able to offset the post vertically and horizontally to suit the custom design you are after.

Video Background (Bold only)

New to CC Social, you can now add more depth to your Bold Widgets by using video backgrounds. Under the 'Background' tab, simply add the raw URL of the video and click save. 


Please note Crowd Convergence will NOT host videos. You must use a hosting service such as Amazon S3, Vimeo Professional or Dropbox. 

For Dropbox users, you can get the raw URL but adding "?/raw=1" at the end of your video link, e.g. For more information please refer to this page.

Video (Bold only)

CC Social Bold now supports video posts from Instagram only.

Posts which contain a video will feed in as per normal, to the Pending queue in Moderation. These posts will be marked with a yellow play button and you can preview the video in full by clicking play.

CC Social also gives the operator the option to let each video post play entirely before showing the next post. Under 'Design', just switch ON the option "Play entire video".