In order to source content from Facebook Workplace Crowd Convergence requires a secure connection to Workplace account. This connection is managed through the Social Networks page under your account settings. Crowd Convergence requests the following access from your Facebook Workplace account:

  • Access all data you have granted it access to, as seen in the custom integration settings page.

Connecting to Facebook workplace

    1. Within your Facebook Workplace create a 'Custom Integration' on the Integrations page. Facebook Documentation

  • Name: "Crowd Convergence"
  • Description: "A secure connection between Crowd Convergence Social and this workplace."

    2. Click 'Create Access Token', agree to the terms. Copy and paste into the Crowd Convergence Social Networks page and save changes.

  • App Name: "My Facebook Workplace"
  • Access Token: Copied from Facebook

Example Facebook Workplace Custom Integration

Crowd Convergence Social Networks page

    3. Adjust your Facebook Workplace custom integration privacy and access details to suit your organisation. You can restrict access to what Crowd Convergence sees to specific groups under the 'Select Groups' tab. Note: Crowd Convergence can only access content in OPEN or CLOSED groups to which the custom integration is invited. SECRET groups cannot be seen at all.

Example of unrestricted access to all groups.

Example of access restricted to the specific group 'General'.

    4. Navigate to the Content page of your Widget within Crowd Convergence Social. Select your content source as Facebook Workplace and click 'search'. All available and accessible Workplace Groups will be shown (OPEN or CLOSED groups only, never SECRET groups). Add the selected group/s and content will begin collection within a matter of minutes.