The guide below does not constitute legal advice and is provided for your information only. Please note that the information provided in this guide is subject to change without notice. This guide is suitable for use by intended recipients in conjunction with appropriate independent legal advice. Crowd Convergence welcomes comments, suggestions or any relevant information that might be covered in this guide.

Generally speaking, any content posted to social networks and marked as "Public" can be publicly displayed without the express consent of the original poster. Content marked as "Private" must not be publicly displayed in any circumstance and will not be pulled into the Crowd Convergence platform. At all times you are responsible for the content outputted from the Crowd Convergence platform and should exercise good judgement when selecting content. At no time should you breach the intellectual property rights of a third party and you should take all reasonable steps to ensure an infringement does not occur - this may include placing the appropriate filters in the Crowd Convergence platform.

We recommend you read the Terms of Service associated with each social media network (listed below), practice open and clear communication with users and respond to any content take down requests in a reasonable amount of time. If at any time you are unsure about the content you are displaying to the public, we suggest you seek independent legal advice.




Crowd Convergence simply provides the tool for you to quickly assess and display public comments from social media forums and therefore, our platform integrates with your company. You are the publisher of the material displayed as a result of using and exercising control over the content displayed and will be responsible as such under any relevant laws.